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Bayern Munich vs Barcelona Results

[dropcap]Bayern Munich vs Barcelona Results Specials[/dropcap]

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona HT 1-0 FT 4-0

First Team to Score Bayern Munich

Last Team to Score Bayern Munich

First Player to Score Thomas Muller

Last Player to Score Thomas Muller

Which Team to Kick Off Bayern Munich

Winning Margin Bayern Munich To Win By 4 Or More Goals

Double Chance Draw / Bayern Munich and Bayern Munich / FC Barcelona

Both Teams To Score No

To Score Both Halves Bayern Munich

Clean Sheet FC Barcelona – No Clean Sheet and Bayern Munich - Clean Sheet

To Win Both Halves Bayern Munich

Last Offside Bayern Munich

To Win Either Halves Bayern Munich

To Win To Nil Bayern Munich

Red Card in The Match No

Penalty Awarded No

Injury Time Awarded At End Of 2nd Half 3 minutes

Time Of The First Goal Up To And Including The 26th Minute

First Offside Bayern Munich

First Goal Method Header

Own Goal No

Highest Scoring Half 2nd Half

To Win From Behind No and No

Goal In The Match Goal(s)

Bayern Munich vs  Barcelona – No. of Corners 00:00-15:00 0-0 1-1

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona – No. of Corners 15:01-30:00 0-0 4-1

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona – No. of Corners 45:01-60:00 0-0 1-0

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona – No. of Corners 60:01-75:00 0-0 1-1

Bayern Munich vs Barcelona – No. of Corners Total 8-3  11-4

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The first 5 years Barcelona as underdogs

Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Semi-Final

Bayern Munich 4-0 Barcelona – UEFA Champions League 2013 Semi-Final –

Who is your favorite team in the semifinal phase between Germany and Spain club in the UEFA Champions League ?

Bayern Munich as a public majority call their favorite team although Messi continues to be their favorite players as well and Barcelona as the first 5 years Barcelona as underdog. But opposite in bookies exchange bets placed Barcelona as the favorites to advance to the final of the champions league. Odds has a very obvious reason because they are based on business interests.

Public call Barcelona as the underdogs is actually quite reasonable. Although Catalan as a strong candidate as the primera league champions this season, but the team’s performance was not good at champions league level.

Barcelona in the semifinal champions league had experienced difficulties facing Celtic, Paris St. Germain and also when they face Milan (read Bayern Munich v Barcelona match fact). Last facts on this team is Barcelona difficulty to score a goal against Levante in the league primera and only with the score 1-0 and they could not made score against Bayern Munich that lost 4-0 at last match.

Bayern Munich last season as finalists move on in the champions league final this season without having trouble with grabbing 8 wins including over Barcelona in the last match with a score of 4-0 for Munich.

Just one word to describe on Bayern Munich is awesome club from Germany and become last club from Germany to defeat Barcelona in home side while Bayer Leverkusen beat Barcelona in Germany, with the score 2-1 in the group phase of the Champions League 2001-2002 season.

UEFA Champions League 2013 - Bayern Munich v Barcelona Report

UEFA Champions League 2013 – Bayern Munich v Barcelona Report –


UEFA Champions League 2013 - Bayern Munich v Barcelona Form Statistics

UEFA Champions League 2013 – Bayern Munich v Barcelona Form Statistics –


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Bayern Munich v Barcelona Match

Bayern Munich and Barcelona dominated the league in each of the country’s domestic league bundesliga in Germany league and primera league in Spain. Bayern Munich is definitely a winner in the bundesliga while Barcelona remain uncertain as domestic primera champions league.

Bayern Munich v Barcelona will load match upper class. When Munich and Barcelona will meet in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final at the Allianz Arena, the match worth referred to as the upper-class match when viewed from both the reputation of this team.

Match between Bayern Munich versus Barcelona later will not be apart of the match that the two teams will highlight the character is very interesting. In this season the two teams played productively at the European level. Bayern Munich collected 22 goals and Barcelona with 18 goals. This is because the squad players in both teams there are many world famous players.

Bayern Munich including a class player like Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben, Mario Gomez, Thomas Mueller, Bastian Schweinsteiger until Phillip Lahm. Barcelona have star players like Lionel Messi, who will be supported by a number of great players such as Andres Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez and Gerard Pique.

Messi in the match later games will much anticipated by the public as one of the stars of world football player. All the people are in no doubt with the Argentine player skill.

While in Barcelona squad as all rely on Messi who played brilliantly in the semi-final match against Juventus with a 4-0 aggregate score.

Barcelona was almost eliminated in the Champions League when they struggled by Paris St. Germain in the past before Messi down to played then he gave Barcelona a vital role to advance to this semifinals match.

After the last match, Barcelona’s captain saved by last three matches. It was a sign set up on Messi for Barcelona to play against Bayern Munich in this match. But it is reported in the media that he had recovered from the injury.

Discuss the match between Bayern Munich against Barcelona is not just a matter of Ribery versus Messi because both teams are equally balanced and have a good match as well as most of the players to be the mainstay of the national team of Germany and Spain.

Munich goal-keeper position occupied by Manuel Neur and Barcelona have Victor Valdes. Both goal-keeper has the ability to play almost the same, but different experience because Valdes has played in the Champions League since the season 2002/2003 and has received 3 medals as winner with Barcelona.

In defense Munich is relying on young defender Dante who performed well against Juventus. Dante’s height will be beneficial in fighting for the ball in the air. In this match, the defense will be tested by Messi who has the speed and ability to dribble the ball on very sharp shape.

Midfied sector will be becoma the attention of many people because in this sector will appear offensive scheme on both team that will apply. Bastian Schweinsteiger at Bayern Munich has recorded 3 assists, while Xavi Hernandez has recorded 4 assists for Barcelona. In this match the coaches will sure to give specific instructions to stop offensive scheme from this midfield line.

Bayern Munich predict form

Bayern Munich predict form on UEFA Champions League semi-final 2013

Barcelona predict form

Barcelona predict form on UEFA Champions League semi-final 2013

[dropcap]Match Fact[/dropcap]


Bayern Munich

Munich have won three of the last six matches against Barcelona in the Champions League competition. Won 3, draw 2 and lost once.

Head to head, Bayern Munich capable won with a score of 4-3 in the Champions League Semi Final 1995/1996 season and became the champion.

Last encounter both teams are in the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2008/2009. Barcelona with goals by Seydou Keita 1-1 draw against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena stadium while Frack Ribery scored 1 goal.

When they crush Valencia at the Allianz Arena in the last September, Bayern Munich completed 14 match with a won at home from Spain club and a run that features victory against Real Madrid in lastly year semifinal on first leg.

Toni Kroos (injurywhen he played against Juventus) and Mario Mandzukic (red card suspension).


Three times they travel to Bayern Munich, 2 draws and 1 defeats.

Barcelona met with Bayern Munich last time in the Champions League quarter-final and they came out as champions.

The converse match this time. When Barcelona play the first leg at Camp Nou and won 4-0. So that the aggregate of both teams 5-1 win to Catalan.

Bayer Leverkusen became the last team to beat Barcelona in Germany, with the score 2-1 in the group phase of the Champions League 2001-2002 season.

Carles Puyol, Javier Mascherano (injury) and Adriano (red card) will not play in this match.

Those absences tell assistant trainer Roura with a head-ache in determining who will mate Gerard Pique at the middle of the defence line.

Defender Eric Abidal started his first match for Catalan in nearly 14 months in the conclusion over Levante club at the weekend after complet his retrieval from a liver surgery.




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Bayern Munich : 35 %

Draw : 35 %

Barcelona : 30 %











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